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Learn about the all-new Jitterbug Smart2, the best easy to use smartphone for seniors. Simple smartphone has a simplified menu, offers an affordable way to call, send texts and email, and even turns into a personal safety device.

Jitterbug Smart2 Pros

With a phone as feature-rich as the Jitterbug Smart2, there’s a lot to take in. Here are my main takeaways from my time with the device.


A Smartphone, Simplified

With its bright screen, large text, and streamlined menus, the JitterBug Smart2 makes its advanced features accessible and intuitive. Even for the most technologically averse person, I could see them using this phone with ease.

Medical Alert Features

In addition to minutes and data, GreatCall also offers health and safety packages, turning your phone into a personal safety device. Their 5Star urgent response feature gave me 24/7 access to highly trained agents who could connect me to help in the event of an emergency.

Powerful Cellular Network

Although the Jitterbug Smart2 is only compatible with Verizon, this cellular provider offered everything I’d need in terms of coverage.

5star Service

With the built-in 5star app you can always get help. One touch of the 5star button turns the Jitterbug smartphone into a safety device to help at the emergency. If you need help in any situation, you’ll be immediately connected to a highly-trained agent who can confirm your location, assess the situation and get you the help you need. This feature activated through any of the health and safety packages, which start as low as $19.99 per month and give you 50% off the talk and text plans.

You can see more safety services and apps, which activated through the health packages In the Jitterbug plans and health services.

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Jitterbug Smart 2 price

You can get the Jitterbug Smart2 for only $149.99 from GreatCall with any monthly plan and one-time $35 activation fee. The phone comes in black with 5.98-inch length, 3.03 inch wide, and 0.33-inch thickness.

The Jitterbug smartphones are created to combine the ease of use and the well-designed services to help seniors improve their lives.

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Excellent for seniors in particular. Very easy to set up & navigate. Easy to read screen.

Dennis Pollitt

The layout is easier to navigate than traditional smart phones. The back and home buttons are clearly identified. The only addition that would be extremely useful is a large print user manual.

Owen Chaucer

Very happy with the Jitterbug 2 and find it easier to text, get on facebook, share on facebook , photos, etc. Easier to share and text fotos than the prior Jitterbug. Am very happy to go with this purchase also.

Joyce Thomson

This phone does everything and it is so easy to use. The logical patterns of the screens is remarkable. The apps and internet are also inline with the way the phone operates.

Be prepared with 5Star Urgent Response.

In any unsafe or uncertain situation, just press the 5Star button. You’ll be immediately connected to a highly trained response Agent who will confirm your location, evaluate your situation and get you help, 24/7.


Press the button to speak immediately with a 5Star urgent response Agent.


Your Agent confirms your location and stays on the line until your situation is resolved.


Agents can call emergency services, get roadside assistance, or contact family.